Coratina Olive Tree Olea Italian Black Olive Plant

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Coratina Olive Tree plants for sale. Coratina Olive tree is an adaptable and hardy tree. Grow in zones 7-9.

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Plants for sale are Olea Coratina Olive Tree

Coratina Olive Tree plants for sale. Coratina Olive tree is an adaptable and hardy tree. Grow in zones 7-9.

Plants are currently between 4-12″. Each plant is lab grown from tissue cultures to be a Disease free plant. Cuttings often carry any diseases the donor plant may have and with older donor plants the probability of that occurring is very high that’s why we offer only lab tested culture grown plants.

We recommend using only Bio Spectrum organic fertilizer located in our store. Ships to the United States only.

How to grow Olea Coratina Olive Tree

Soil requirements and planting instructions

Water your Coratina olive trees regularly until the roots are well established. We recommend watering daily and keeping the soil well drained, with a ph of around 6.5. Once the tree matures it will be able to tolerate longer periods of drought, however we still recommend a regular regimen of water when the plant develops blooms and buds.

While olives are drought tolerant to an extent, we recommend regular watering for at the very least the first year of development.

You can propagate olives by using hardwood or softwood cuttings during the fall season and grafting them onto a rootstock.

Light conditions

Plant Olive trees in well drained soil and in full sun. Olive trees prefer being in bright and direct sunlight for the majority of the day.


We recommend using a nitrogen rich fertilizer, 10-10-10 with micronutrients. Additionally, you can also use blood meal or any compost or organic fertilizer. Fertilize annually and avoid over-fertilizing.

(for example: 10-10-10 with micronutrients included)

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