Organic Fertilizers

1 lb. bag of Bio Spectrum organic plant fertilizer. First imagine chemical fertilizers as cotton candy, it may keep you alive for a while but you wount be healthy. Chemical fertilizers only provide NPK the three basic nutrients, If we only ate sugar, peanut shells and lettuce thats what it would be like to be a plant on a miracle blue diet. These chemical fertilizers are only to be used as a supplement and more times than not when the soil is rich in organic nutrients the plant will preform better without the chemical additives. 98% of the available nutrients in Chemical fertilizers run right through the soil and into our local estuaries. Bio Spectrum is a natural fertilizer derived from kelp meal, humate, pasteurized poultry manure, molasses, and greensand with micro nutrients and trace elements that will help inprove the soil structure. In addition to organic nutrients Bio Spectrum also contains soil inoculating active beneficial microbs that provide sustained nutrients and help to defend your plants from pathogens. The natural ingredients break down slowly when exposed to water and encourage continuous growth throughout the growing season. There are several different ingredients that compliment each other to help your plants prosper. The Organic ammonium content produces immediately noticeable results because it will release nitrogen quickly, while the calcium will help strengthen the cell structure of your plants over time (protecting them against sun damage, drought, and disease). You can add Granular Organic Fertilizer to grass clippings, leaves, and other lawn debris to encourage a quick breakdown of nutrients back into the soil. It can also be applied directly to lawns, flowers, trees, vegetable gardens, ornamental plants, or potted greenery. After applying the fertilizer, light irrigation with water or compost tea will help work the supplement into the soil. Organic gardening isn’t just a life choice its an experienced gardeners preference. We recommend joining the floridahillnursery forum Its free and informative..