Pineapple Plants

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Pineapple Plant Care and Instructions

Pineapple plants grow best in moderately fertile, sandy loam soils of neutral to mildly acid pH. Plants will grow satisfactorily in sandy and calcareous soils with attention to watering and fertilizer.

Grow Pineapple plants in well-drained soils and areas of the landscape that do not flood. Place this mixture in a pots, beds or garden and plant your Ananas comosus.

When planting Ananas comosus in the landscape plant at 2′ apart. Proper site preparation ensures years of growth and once established they will not require weed control.

Soil Ph should be around 6.0-7.0 light conditions, When making a site selection keep your plant in an area that has medium or full light.

This species of Ananas comosus is hardy at zones 9b-11.

Additionally, If using drip irrigation allow soil to dry slightly between watering. Do not over water.

Produces large prickley flower in the summer followed by fruit. blooms are white red and sometimes pink. Ananas comosus, this mild feeder loves an organic fertilizer N-P-K ratio or 5-5-5 or lower.  Pests or diseases are few and far between.

Pineapple are also refered to as pineapple and ananas, piña, nanas, apangdan, yaannat, sapparot and bonat. are generally grown from shoots, seeds and tissue culture. There are several different varieties of Pineapple.

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