Muscadine “Delicious” Grape Vine Plant Muscadinia Vitus Rotundifolia Grape Vine

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Plants for sale are Muscadine grape vine “Delicious” Muscadinia Vitus rotundifolia plant. Plants for sale are currently growing at between 6-16″ Each plant is lab grown from tissue cultures to be a Disease free plant…

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Plants for sale are Muscadine grape vine “Delicious” Muscadinia Vitus rotundifolia plant. Plants for sale are currently growing at between 6-16″ Each plant is lab grown from tissue cultures to be a Disease free plant. These spicy-sweet thick-skinned grapes are an old Southern favorite. They thrive with little care, and the vines can remain productive for 100 years! Modern breeding has brought us a wonderful range of varieties: wine grapes for the home vintner and jelly maker, plus delicious fresh-eating varieties, some as large as golf balls! Researchers at University of Florida have introduced ‘Delicious’, a new variety of muscadine grape cultivar. ‘Delicious’ ripens early, produces high yields, and is disease-resistant. The black fruit features exceptional taste and texture with an edible skin, making it well-suited for fresh fruit consumption and the potential for wine production. We reccomend using only *Bio Spectrum organic fertilizer, located in our store. Ships to the continental United States only… Happy Gardening.

Muscadine grape vine training, pruning and canopy managment. There are several methods of training Muscadine grapes, the more common practices are the vertical single wire method, the vertical two wire trellis, overhead arbors, the North Carolina method, the Geneva double curtain method. All methods utilize training the spurs to Cordons. Prior to the 1900’s Muscadine grapes were grown in the wild.
Grape soil requirements and planting instructions, Mix together the following: 50 percent potting soil; 20 percent peat moss; 40 percent compost; 10 percent shredded sphagnum moss and a handful of perlite. Place this mixture in a pots, beds or garden and plant your grape. Proper site preparation ensures years of growth and once established they will not require weed control. Strong growth will Soil Ph should be around 6.0-7.0
Its recognized range in the United States extends from New York to Florida, and west to Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. They are well adapted to their native warm and humid climate; they need fewer chill hours than better known varieties and they thrive in summer heat.
Muscadines grow best in fertile sandy loam and alluvial soils. They grow wild in well-drained bottom lands that are not subject to extended drought or waterlogging. They are also resistant to pests and diseases, including Pierce’s disease, which can destroy other grape species. Muscadine is one of the grape species most resistant to phylloexa, an insect that can kill roots of grape vines.
light conditions, When making a site selection keep your plant in an area that has bright direct light. Plants will produce small non fragrant flowers.
Grape vine care, If using drip irrigation allow soil to dry slightly between waterings. Do not over water any members of the Muscadinia rotundifolia family. Grape fertilizer, this medium feeder every three weeks during the warmer months with a one half-strength fertilizer with a balanced N-P-K ratio or 20-20-20.
Grape pests and disease, Pests or diseases are few and far between. Muscadine grapes are also referred to as bullace grapes or Scuppernogs. Grapes are generally grown from cuttings or seeds. There are hundreds of varieties of Muscadine grapes. Florida Hill Nursery is your internet source for buying rare plants and fruit trees. Our online Plant selection ensures the best selection of internet plants available. Ceck out our wide selection of other tropical plants, subtropical plants and norther temperate climate plants. Buy 1 plant or tree and recieve free shipping on the next three plants or trees using *best way shipping. Our online selection of rainforest tropicals and fruit trees can add a piece of the tropics to your back yard, greenhouse, patio or garden.