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Bio Spectrum Organic Fertilizer 1 Lb. Bag

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Bio Spectrum Organic Fertilizer 5 Lb. Bag

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Bio Spectrum Organic Fertilizers for sale!

Why should you spend your hard earned money on Bio Spectrum Organic Fertilizer? Why not simply buy a cheap chemical fertilizer from your local hardware store? What makes Bio Spectrum Unique?

Cotton candy may keep you alive for a while, but it’s not healthy to eat it every day.

Chemical fertilizers only provide NPK, the three basic nutrients. If you only ate sugar, peanut shells and lettuce that’s what it would be like to be a plant on a miracle blue diet.

Use Chemical fertilizers as a supplement only. Most of the nutrients in them run right through the soil and can create unnecessary pollution.

Bio Spectrum, on the other hand, is a natural fertilizer made all natural ingredients. Kelp meal, humate, pasteurized poultry manure, molasses, and greensand. The greensand also contains micro nutrients and trace elements.

It also contains active beneficial microbes that inoculate the soil, provide sustained nutrients, and help to defend your plants from pathogens. These natural ingredients break down slowly when exposed to water and encourage continuous growth throughout the growing season.

The Organic ammonium in Bio Spectrum releases nitrogen quickly, while the calcium strengthens plants cell structure. Over time this protects plants against sun damage, drought, and disease.

Organic gardening isn’t just a life choice it’s an experienced gardener’s preference.