Tropical Plants

Tropical Plants For Sale

Not sure what Tropical Plants to choose? Here are some popular plants that might catch your interest.

Colocasia Plants

Beginning with the Colocasia plants, popular varieties include Black Magic, Elena, and Mojito. Mojito in particular stands out for its variegated green and blue coloration. Nancy’s Revenge, in a similar fashion, boasts a vibrant white marking that springs forth from the center of its leaves and contrasts against the bright green color.

While not quite as popular, if you’re looking for a contrast of color, Maui Gold is also quite nice.

Alocasia Plants

One of our favorites is Black Velvet, the plant looks beautiful and has the most interesting texture to its leaves. Black Velvet is also most commonly bought together with Frydek. Some other popular Alocasia plants include Borneo Giant, which has a beautiful green color to its leaves. One of our favorites is Regal Shield, which grows well and boasts some large beautiful dark blue leaves.

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