Tropical Fruit Trees

Choosing The Right Tropical Fruit Tree For You and Your Home

Thinking about getting some sort of tropical fruit tree but not sure what to choose from? We here at Florida Hill Nursery completely understand that feeling. Now, our solution was simply to purchase every type of tropical plant we could get our hands on, but we understand this might not work for everyone. Hopefully, the following article will help you along on your way. 

Banana Trees

We recommend a Banana tree. Banana Trees grow quickly and growing them is very easy. All you need is plenty of sun and water. Here in Central Florida, for example, they’re an absolute breeze to grow. 

Our most popular variety is Ice Cream, whose fruit is said to taste like Vanilla. Speaking of interesting flavors, Manzano is said to have a flavor similar to apples. Cardaba’s fruit boasts a peculiar blue-green color that really catches the eye. Other popular banana trees include Double Mahoi, Grand Nain, and Gold Finger

Additionally, I recommend Basjoo, for its cold hardiness and the distinctive red stripe adorning its leaves. 

If having enough room is a concern, don’t worry, we’ve got some dwarf varieties, including Dwarf Cavendish, our most popular Dwarf variety, and the even smaller Truly Tiny or Little Prince plants.

Not interested in Banana Plants? 

We’ve got plenty of other fruiting plants like, Blueberry plants, I recommend Sweet Crisp or Spring High, Blackberry Plants, Kiowa is a bit prickly but very nice and hardy. Or Perhaps a vine, we’ve got grapes, like Delicious, or Southern Home. Qiwi plants, male (Tomuri) and female (Vincent). And of course, the ever popular Passion fruits plants, like Possum Purple, or Granadilla.

Pineapples plants are also available. We’ve recently tried out some of the new Florida Special variety, although our most popular variety continues to be Elite Gold, and for good reason.

Additionally, be on the lookout for Papaya Trees, we’re planning on restocking soon. 

Now I’m sure there’s a lot that I’ve missed, so take your time, browse through, and discover all the wonderful plants we’ve got.